• Women on the Block

    Diversity Blockchain Conference


    Sunday, May 13, 2018

    Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • About

    CKR Charitable Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, will donate all proceeds to support women in technology. Our goal is to educate and empower women to become involved in the emerging and disruptive blockchain industry.


    The event will take place at the start of Blockchain Week NYC and will feature women thought leaders in the blockchain community. The concept of having all women speakers was designed to highlight and recognize the contributions and innovations of women across the blockchain industry globally.


    In honor of Mother's Day, we will feature a brunch and offer an educational children's program. Please see below for details.


    Men and all genders are encouraged to attend!


    Registration is closing soon - purchase your tickets now before the May 1 deadline!

  • Sunday, May 13, 2018

    10:30 am - 7:00 pm

    The Williamsburg Hotel

    96 Wythe Ave

    Brooklyn, NY 11249

    (718) 362-8100

  • Agenda

    Speakers and topics are subject to change

    10:30 AM Registration & Mother's Day Brunch


    11:00 AM Welcome Remarks

    Alexandra Levin Kramer, CKR Law LLP & CKR Charitable Foundation volunteer


    11:10 AM Keynote: Building Blocks - What is Blockchain?

    Sheri Kaiserman, Maco.la


    11:30 AM Panel: Blockchain Use Cases & Studies

    Moderated by Jamie Moy, Women@Forbes


    Susan Joseph, Susan Joseph LLC; Elizabeth Chee, HIT Foundation; Alicia Noel, Cultivati;

    Rachel Grace, womin.io; Anya Levitov, Verus


    12:10 PM Keynote: Closing the Gap between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption

    Jordan Kruger, BLOQ


    12:30 PM Panel: Launching a Blockchain Startup

    Moderated by Ayse Iyigundogdu, BNP Paribas Investment Partners


    Ronit Baculu, Celsius Network; TongTong Gong, Amberdata; Nadia Chilmonik, Byzantine;

    Ada Jonuse, Lympo.io; Mina Jeong, M&K PR 


    1:00 PM Panel: Investing in Blockchain

    Moderated by Tereza Nemessanyi, Microsoft


    Manana Samuseva, BuroHQ & Blockchain Crypto Media; Pelli Wang, Token Foundry @ ConsenSys; Liz Rabban, Celsius Network; Xinyi Chen, ChainVC


    1:30 PM Coffee Break


    1:45 PM Performance

    Tatiana Moroz


    2:00 PM Keynote

    [speaker to be announced]


    2:20 PM Panel: Word of Law - Blockchain Law & Regulations 

    Moderated by Kristie Blase, CKR Law LLP


    Elizabeth Lan Davis, Murphy & McGonigle PC; Alanna Gombert, MetaX;

    Perianne Boring, Center of Digital Commerce; Nissa Szabo, bloXroute; Ramona Tudorancea, Loeb Smith


    3:00 PM Panel: Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts

    Moderated by Sarah Azouvi, University College London


    Artiona Bogo, SAP Blockchain; Anna Vladi, Women4blockchain; Inna Raykhman, Fungible Network;

    Karen Ottoni, Hyperledger; Liang Downey, IBM


    3:40 PM Keynote: Being the Change - The Story of the Wyoming Blockchain Bills in the Equality State

    Caitlin Long, Wyoming Blockchain Coalition


    4:00 PM Panel: Blockchain Innovation Globally

    Moderated by Alexandra Levin Kramer, CKR Law, LLP


    Rachel Pipan, Bitfury; Sima Baktaş, startupblockchain.io; Reshma Kamath, Blockchain Research Institute; Katrina Donaghy, Civic Ledger; Therese Helland, The Kasbah Hub 


    4:40 PM Panel: Blockchain in Humanitarian and Economic Development

    Moderated by Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors LLC


    Lesly Goh, World Bank Group; Jane Tomasson, Abt Associates; Georgie Bernadette, Align17;

    Fennie Wang, ixo foundation; Dawn Jutla, PeerLedger.com


    5:15 PM Panel: Chain Reactions - Blockchain Communities

    Moderated by Kathleen Chu, blockhive OU


    Charlie Oliver, TECH 2025; Thessy Mehrain, ConsenSys; Olayinka Odeniran, Institutional Shareholder Services; Michelle Gitlitz, Blank Rome LLP; Mahoney Turnbull, StartupBus


    5:45 PM Closing Remarks

    Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors LLC


    6:00 PM Microsoft Awards

    Tereza Nemessanyi, Microsoft


    6:15 PM Cocktail Party

  • Speakers

    Sarah Azouvi

    PhD Candidate

    University College London

    London, UK

    Sima Baktaş



    Istanbul, Turkey

    Georgie Benardete

    Co-founder & CEO


    New York, NY

    Anu Bhardwaj


    Women investing in Women

    Laguna Beach, CA

    Kristie Blase


    CKR Law LLP

    New York, NY

    Artiona Bogo


    SAP Blockchain

    Berlin, Germany

    Perianne Boring

    Founder & President

    Chamber of Digital Commerce

    Washington, DC

    Elizabeth Chee

    Founder & CEO

    HIT Foundation

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Xinyi Chen

    General Partner


    Shanghai, China

    Nadia Chilmonik

    Chief Discovery Officer


    Brooklyn, NY

    Cindy Chin

    Founder & CEO

    CLC Advisors, LLC

    New York, NY

    Kathleen Chu

    Digital Content Lead

    blockhive OU

    Tokyo, Japan

    Elizabeth Lan Davis


    Murphy & McGonigle, P.C.

    Washington, DC

    Katrina Donaghy

    Co-founder & CEO

    Civic Ledger

    Brisbane, Australia

    Liang Xi Downey

    Business Development Executive


    Detroit, MI

    Michelle Gitlitz


    Blank Rome LLP

    New York, NY

    Lesly Goh


    World Bank Group

    Washington, DC

    Alanna Gombert



    New York, NY

    Tongtong Gong

    Co-founder & COO


    New York, NY

    Rachel Grace

    Chief Human Capital Officer


    New York, NY

    Therese Helland

    CE& & Founder

    The Kasbah Hub

    Oslo, Norway

    Ayse Iyigundogdu

    Institutional Sales

    BNP Paribas Investment Partners

    New York, NY

    Mina Jeong

    Founder & Managing Director,

    M&K PR

    Seoul, Korea

    Ada Jonuse

    Co-founder & CEO


    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Susan Joseph


    Susan Joseph LLC

    New York, NY

    Dawn Jutla

    Founder and CEO

    Peer Ledger, Inc.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Reshma Kamath


    Blockchain Research Institute

    Chicago, IL

    Sheri Keiserman

    Principal Advisor &



    Los Angeles, CA

    Alexandra L. Kramer

    Blockchain Partner

    CKR Law LLP

    New York, NY

    Jordan Kruger

    Director of Research & Operations

    Bloq, Inc.

    Washington, DC

    Caitlin Long


    Wyoming Blockchain Coalition

    New York, NY

    Anya Levitov

    Managing Partner

    Verus Real Estate

    New York, NY

    Thessy Mehrain

    Director, Product & Innovation


    New York, NY

    Tatiana Moroz

    CEO & Co-founder

    Crypto Media Hub

    New York, NY

    Jamie Moy

    Contributing Editor


    New York, NY

    Tereza Nemessanyi



    New York, NY

    Alicia Noel


    Cultivati Inc.

    New York, NY

    Olayinka Odeniran

    VP/Chief Compliance Officer

    Institutional Shareholders Services

    Rockville, MD

    Charlie Oliver

    Founder & CEO


    New York, NY

    Karen Ottoni

    Ecosystem Manager


    New York, NY

    Rachel Pipan

    Communications Manager


    Washington, DC

    Inna Raykhman


    Fungible Network

    New York, NY

    Manana Samuseva

    Managing Partner

    BuroHQ &

    Blockchain Crypto Media

    New York, NY

    Nissa Szabo

    Community Development


    New York, NY

    Dr. Jane Thomason


    Abt Associates

    Brisbane, Australia

    Ramona Tudorancea

    Corporate M&A Specialist

    Loeb Smith Attorneys

    Cayman Islands

    Mahoney Turnbull


    Team Block Society

    London, UK

    Anna Vladi



    New York, NY

    Fennie Wang

    Legal, Operations & Strategy

    ixo foundation

    New York, NY

    Pelli Wang

    Head of Partnerships

    Token Foundry @ ConsenSys

    New York, NY

  • “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”


    - Jane Goodall

    In the spirit of International Women’s Day, all organizers, speakers and the venue provider are volunteering their time and space in order to keep the registration price reasonable and the conference accessible to all.


    All proceeds will be donated to the CKR Charitable Foundation earmarked to support girls and women in technology.

  • Registration

    Purchase your tickets now! Registration closes on Tuesday, May 1.


    Includes General Admission, preferred seating, VIP reception, and access to the VIP lounge


    General Admission

    Includes the

    full day event, Mother's Day brunch, and evening cocktails




    Discounts are available for students who qualify. Email your contact info, school and essay to info@womenontheblock.io

    Children's Program

    An educational children's program for ages 5-11 will be available onsite from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm. The program will be focused on science, technology, engineering, art & math (STEAM). All caregivers are vetted, insured, first-aid certified and CPR trained. For more information contact info@womenontheblock.io



    Subject to availability

    People of all genders are encouraged to register!

    All sales are final and non-refundable.

  • CKR Charitable Foundation acknowledges
    the generous support of the following sponsors:

    Become a sponsor. Sign up below or contact us directly at info@womenontheblock.io


    CKR Charitable Foundation would like to thank the following members of the Women on the Block event committee for their generous support and help:


    Rifka Buls, The Williamsburg Hotel

    Cindy Chin, CLC Advisors, LLC

    Anthony Elia, CryptoCribs.io

    Marina Fyrigou-Koulouri, CKR Law LLP

    Alexandra Levin Kramer, CKR Law LLP, CKR Charitable Foundation

    Toby Moskovits, Heritage Equity Partners

    Tereza Nemessanyi, Microsoft

    Beth Olarsch, Experience Designer

    Sebastian Quinn-Watson, First Point Ventures

    Catherine Robinson, CKR Law LLP

    Alexia Whirry, Block Collective

    Community Partners

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